Citizenship Grades

he habits and skillsdeveloped during middle school lay a foundation for personal and academicgrowth for years to come. In many ways,the lessons learned during these important years mold students attitudes for alifetime. We expect students to work hardand engage in their learning to be productive citizens and live and work inharmony with others. We feel thateducating students in active citizenship is part of our collectiveresponsibility to our community - part of taking "PRIDE" in our attainment ofexcellence.

To focus on citizenship, Steven V. Correia Middle School iscommitted to raising student awareness of Effort and Work Ethic, Engagementin Learning, and Awareness of Self & Others in acitizenship grade for your student, in addition to academic grades andattendance as part of our communication about their overall performance in theclassroom.

The link below to the school-wide rubric will provide insights intocitizenship for each class your student has, and will be reported beginningwith the first marking period report.

Cougar Pride Rubric

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