Common Core Math 7 Support

Below are lessons aligned to the Big Idea textbook units and lessons. Most of the video lessons are from Virtual Nerd . The following ar other sites that have video lessons aligned to 7th grade math standards:

Below are sites that provide calculators for various concepts. Calculators will help students to see the steps when working through problems. They are also a good tool to help identify where learning breaks down. Students can search the type the concept they are working on to find a calculator for help. For example: adding and subtracting integers calculator and they will find Calculator Soup.

Chapter 1 - Integers

Chapter 2 - Rational Numbers

Chapter 2 Study Help


Chapter 3 - Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 4- Inequalities

Chapter 5 - Ratios and Proportions

Virtual Nerd Video Lesson - Ratios and Proportions

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